Lauren did a wonderful job with my case. 

She was very professional.. she always kept me updated and made sure i got the best outcome for my case. I will definitely be referring Folkman Law to my friend and family. Thanks lauren!!   — PW

Lauren Law is an powerhouse attorney. 

She pushes for what it right for her client but also clearly explains each step of the process to educate the client to making the best decisions possible for themselves. She was reliable, kind, trustworthy and quick to get the job done. I would recommend her to anyone with an employment matter at hand.   — DG

I couldn’t ask for anyone better to be in my corner. 

Words cannot adequately express my feelings on how much I appreciate the way Folkman Law handled my case. Everyone in that office genuinely cares, and I never felt like I was “just a client”. They work diligently, thoroughly, and I couldn’t ask for anyone better to be in my corner.   — CB

We don’t know how to say this any more accurately than that Folkman Law is incredible. 

     While Ben and Lauren are incredibly knowledgeable regarding the law, they also know the best ways to approach a situation for a best chance outcome, whether it’s a trial, settlement,  mediation, change of jurisdiction or other approach.  They exhaust all opportunities to deliver the best outcome for their clients, and all the while they make no promises as to outcome.  They don’t give their clients false hopes, but instead let them know there are no guarantees and let them understand what they believe the best course of action is for a successful outcome.
     All the people at Folkman Law get to know you and understand your issues and your desired outcome. They are very caring people who treat their clients as people,  not just another case.  In our circumstance,  we were even recommended a certain medical test for our daughter who had nothing to do with our case.
     All the support staff at the firm are equally competent, and were able to answer all questions we asked or get the answers for us. They promptly return phone calls if they aren’t initially available and relentless pursue the facts to help remediate your case.
     The outcome of our case was beyond what would have resulted with any other firm. We can’t recommend Folkman law any more highly than we do. -LG & MG

My wife and I very much appreciate all that Folkman Law Offices has done for us!

“Mr. Folkman and his staff did an excellent job in recouping our funds that were misappropriated by an attorney who was a partner in the firm that had reached a settlement in a personal injury suit on behalf of my wife. Mr. Folkman was diligent and relentless in untangling the web of lies proffered by the attorneys that had misappropriated our settlement monies. Mr. Folkman skillfully guided us through both the criminal and civil courts to bring our complaint to a satisfactory conclusion. My wife and I very much appreciate all that Folkman Law Offices has done for us!” – T.P.

Ben Folkman has Helped me through two Accidents

“This is the second time Ben has helped me after an auto accident. I am very pleased with his services.” — Y.L.

Outstanding Response in an Emergency!

“I never expected to be harassed by another employee at my work place. When it happened, I was overwhelmed. I’m glad that I turned to Ben Folkman, Esq. and his staff who flawlessly guided me through the steps necessary to document this with my employer. Ben is truly someone that you can count on when you are in a difficult situation.” — William

First Rate Staff

“Ben is one of the most honest competent lawyers in the country. My case has been difficult but he is always available and consultative. He works on weekends and returns calls and emails quickly. His knowledge and interpretation of the law are superior and he treats his clients with the utmost respect Best in class. His staff are also first rate. Highly recommended.” — L.N.

Represented me in 4 Different Cases

“Ben has represented me in 4 different cases he and his staff have done a wonderful job in all the cases they were well prepared and do a terrific job.” — Arnie

Exceeded my expectations

“Ben Folkman was an excellent attorney to work with. He made my case very easy and stress-free. I ended up with the best settlement possible … exceed[ed] my expectations.” — R.S. – Hammonton, NJ

Highest morals and ethics

“Ben Folkman has the highest morals and ethics of anyone you’ll meet. The whole Folkman Law team is exceptional. They always place the needs of their clients first and pursue the best possible options.” — S.J. – Cherry Hill, NJ

So grateful

“If it wasn’t for Folkman Law, when my husband passed away I would not have had much of a future. I am so grateful to Folkman Law. They helped us tremendously.” — D.C. – Erial, NJ

Second to none

“Folkman Law is second to none. Ben Folkman handles a wide variety of commercial litigation cases for my firm. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” — M.W. – King of Prussia, PA


“Folkman Law was so much more than just my counsel … They were my son’s champion when he couldn’t speak for himself. They would have moved heaven and earth for me.” — L.S. – Newman, GA

Amazing to work with

“I’ve worked with Ben Folkman and his law firm on a few occasions, and he has been nothing short of amazing to work with. He always makes time to explain what he’s doing and to ensure I understand the reasoning behind it. I would absolutely recommend him!” — Patrick

Highly recommended

“Ben has represented my company on a few occasions, and he has always exceeded our expectations. He understands his space very well and always has time to explain everything as simply as possible, if needed. And he’s also a real nice guy! I highly recommend Ben.” — Shaun

One of the best lawyers in the region

“My wife and I are very pleased with the way Mr. Benjamin Folkman handled our case. He was very professional, courteous and transparent throughout the whole process. We were very pleased with the outcome of our case. I would highly recommend Mr. Folkman to anyone who is looking for someone who is trustworthy, knowledgeable and sincere.” — Valentino

They treat you like a close friend or family

“Folkman Law did an outstanding Job in assisting me with my case. I felt so privileged with the way they handled my case, the respect, the professionalism. This is an office full of highly talented attorneys that are not only good at their job but they also treat you like a close friend or a family member. I had a great experience meeting with every single one of them. Everyone in the office made me felt so comfortable. I am also very pleased with the outstanding administrative team members (not to mention any name in public) by the quick responses, the respectful and great communication skills, the lightning fast mailing of documents and the friendly personality was deeply appreciated. My experience with Folkman Law was very impressive on every level and I will never forget. My deepest thank you to Ben and his entire team. I am grateful to all of you for having faith in my case and assisting me in resolving it. Thanks again.” — M.S.

A great attorney

“I would recommend Ben and his staff to anyone!! He truly cares about his clients on a PERSONAL level. Our case was pretty simple, basic, cut and dried. Ben listened to us and what we hoped to achieve. He did exactly what we set out to do at the onset. But, most importantly, he was sensitive and caring. I cannot say enough how very, very important that was to my wife and I.” — Steve

Always attentive and responsive

“Ben represented me in complex litigation in which an attorney was suing me for a lot of money. Ben immediately calmed my concerns by explaining aspects of the litigation and the likely results. He was always attentive and responsive and it felt that I was proceeding with a compassionate partner by my side. However he was very thorough and aggressive in defending me, and in the end, he achieved an excellent result. I would recommend him to anyone who wishes their interests to be taken seriously by their lawyer!” — Michael

A lawyer you can trust

“No other lawyer would take our case. They only told us reasons why we shouldn’t pursue it.
Ben took the time to listen to us, gave us his professional opinion and discussion, then accepted our case, a wrongful death case against our parents’ murderer. He put a team together and went to work for us right away. During this burdensome time for me and my family, we were finally able to feel a sense of ease. When the trial began, Ben was fully prepared. He and his team won our case with a judgment that took the jury less than 30 minutes to decide. Would we recommend Ben Folkman? Ben’s expertise covers several areas of law. We highly recommend Ben Folkman and his firm.” — Sharon