As licensed professionals and officers of the court, lawyers are held to high standards. They must practice law with care and competence. They must act in good faith and exercise reasonably prudent judgment. Additionally, they must uphold uncompromising ethical standards.

When your lawyer messes up — whether through negligence, recklessness, intentional wrongdoing or otherwise — you pay the price. Your attorney’s mistakes may cost you significant sums of money and potentially deprive you of the opportunity to pursue justice in your underlying case.

We have won a $791,131 judgment against lawyer in a legal malpractice case where the lawyer stole the clients’ funds.

Through a legal malpractice claim, you have the opportunity to hold your lawyer accountable. You may be entitled to compensation for your losses and potentially attorney fees, depending on the jurisdiction.

Legal malpractice cases are rarely easy. You must show not only that your attorney committed malpractice, but also that you would have otherwise won the underlying case. Upholding this steep burden of proof typically requires enlisting the help of experts.

At Folkman Law we have extensive experience handling challenging legal malpractice cases. For more than a decade, our firm has given a voice to victims of legal malpractice across New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We have won multiple six-figure settlements and verdicts on behalf of those who have been wronged by their lawyers.

You can rely on our legal team for determined advocacy in cases involving mistakes such as:

  • Failing to conduct an adequate investigation in support of your case
  • Failing to file crucial documents
  • Failing to identify or disclose a conflict of interest
  • Failing to obtain your informed consent on major decisions
  • Missing important deadlines, such as the statute of limitations

“I would highly recommend Mr. Folkman to anyone who is looking for someone who is trustworthy, knowledgeable and sincere.” — Valentino

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