Woman Claims Negligent Hospital and Medical Company Caused Serious Illness

Posted on June 8, 2017 in Medical Malpractice by

Woman Claims Negligent Hospital and Medical Company Caused Serious Illness

A woman from Delanco Township, New Jersey claims that the debilitating illness she contracted after surgery was caused by a negligent hospital and medical company. In February 2016, the woman went through open heart surgery, and, although the surgery was successful, a month later, doctors diagnosed her with a potentially lethal bacterial infection. Due to contracting the infection, she required four additional surgeries, and several rounds of strong antibiotics, which resulted in permanent hearing loss. Back in 2011, the FDA discovered that the medical device used in procedures like these allowed bacteria to form. However, the Tokyo-based manufacturer continued to market and sell the device to facilities like the cited negligent hospital despite reports of its faults. She filed a complaint against the hospital and the medical company that manufactured the defective medical device used in the procedure. Claims include negligence allegations, failure to warn, and defective design manufacturing.

Any time patients go through surgery, risk is involved, but patients trust that the doctors assigned to perform the surgery, and the hospitals where the surgery will take place, are reliable and safe. Unfortunately, defective medical devices may hinder the progress and success of a procedure. If the design of the device is flawed or the sanitation of the device compromised, patients may be at-risk for contracting lethal infections or other medical complications, which could result in fatalities.

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