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PA Court Holds That an Employer May Be Held Liable for Harassment by a Non-Employee

In Hewitt v. BS Transportation of Illinois, LLC, et al., No. 18-712, 2019 WL 199900 (E.D. Pa. January 11, 2019), a federal judge in Pennsylvania ruled that an employer may be held liable for harassment by a non-employee under Title VII.   The plaintiff in the case, Carl Hewitt, brought numerous claims against his employer, BS […]

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Skier’s Lawsuit Blocked by Pennsylvania Skier’s Responsibility Act

In Vu v. Ski Liberty Operating Corp., Civil Action No. 18-1769, 2019 WL 549393 (3d Cir. Feb. 12, 2019), the Third Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the trial court’s dismissal of a lawsuit filed by a skier severely injured at Ski Liberty in Pennsylvania. The plaintiff, an experienced skier, alleged that a snowboarder caused him […]

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